Deploy a contract on ASTAR, a Polkadot parachain


I would like to deploy an ERC1155 contract on ASTAR, a parachain of Polkadot.

As Moonbeam (another parachain), ASTAR has deployed the Frontier pallet. Frontier is the suite that provides an Ethereum compatibility layer for Substrate (Polkadot chain templating).

Do the current contracts librairies work in this type of environment?
Do you have any feedback on this already?

Thanks and best wishes :slight_smile:

Hi @David_Schmitz! We haven't tested this (too many chains to test on nowadays!) but if Frontier is EVM compatible the contracts should work. If you try it out please report your experience.

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Hello, I have the first answers. We have deployed an ERC1155 factory with the OZ libraries on the ASTAR testnet and everything works fine. The "Frontier" palette that simulates EVM in ASTAR behaves like EVM. It's the same in Moonbeam.
I will give you a feed-back about the other deployed contracts.

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