Defender store mock when running locally

Hey, is there any official way to mock the Defender kvstore when running locally?


Not yet. What would work best for you…?

  • An ephemeral in-memory store
  • A disk-based local store
  • A store that connects to the kvstore in your Defender account via an API token

For testing purposes I find a disk-based local store sufficient, so you can try persistence across multiple runs, even from different autotasks.

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Got it! Will work on it this week.

Hey @abarmat, check out the 1.10.0-local.0 release of the kvstore-client. It’s still not tagged as latest until it’s reviewed, but it may help in the meantime!

const { KeyValueStoreClient } = require('defender-kvstore-client');

async function local() {
  // Creates an instance of the client that will write to a local file
  const store = new KeyValueStoreClient({ path: '/tmp/foo/store.json' });

  // The store.json file will contain { myKey: myValue }
  await store.put('myKey', 'myValue');
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