Defender sign or sign-typed-data eip-712 or eip-191 invalid "v" value return (bigger than uint8)

I am trying to use defender sign features calling:
It returns correctly r,s,v and sig values, but the "v" value is too big!

I call sign-typed-data with:
{"domainSeparator": "32ff40fca65a1afd412dd89f214c9c8d03d343812a8ccdf24e0b17644a11e2ac", "hashStructMessage": "96dc3df8ab0ac662e1854fc673ff9ae209baaa4d72daadb5b0c142f2dbe01580"}

and the response is:
{"r": "0xed2a14de5c4407a6117b33e4fde39be7de6a0b4a080bbdd0c068b7eac440a734", "s": "0x0edcacf5f524556cf8c5c3eaaf26c48d4749e9546b11240b466a81dcc829d325", "v": 843262, "sig": "0xed2a14de5c4407a6117b33e4fde39be7de6a0b4a080bbdd0c068b7eac440a7340edcacf5f524556cf8c5c3eaaf26c48d4749e9546b11240b466a81dcc829d3250cddfe"}
But the "v" is too big!!

Why is this happenning?

Not sure if this could be the cause, but it looks like in the example you linked, there is a leading "0x" and in the object in this post there is not. Perhaps it's being interpreted as decimal instead of hexadecimal or something along these lines.