Defender Relay: Tx is not retuning response

Hi team,

Performing transaction on mumbai chain using relayer.

I have seen when I have send relay transaction using web3 then I am not able to get the response of that transaction. but that transaction is broadcast on chain.

please help me who to I get the transaction response.

"Error: Returned error: missing block number"

Hi @Pratik_Kumar


I am taking a look into what could be problem here.
Are you are still experiencing above mentioned issue? I was not able to reproduce it.

Could you share id of the relay you are using? Id is visible in the url when you open Relay details page.


Hi zeljko,

Thanks for the replay, I am getting issues while I am performing a relayer Mumbai transaction. also getting the error "Error: Returned error: missing block number" when performing a web3 relay transaction.

My relay API key = Fqx5QSfTRTDc1zcp2yrRaR1RxYBCjprG

thanks and regards
Pratik kumar

Hi @Pratik_Kumar

Can you share a snippet of the code you are using?
Are you invoking transactions from an Autotask or from script?

Based on the logs I was not able to find anything but few warnings about address mismatch when tx gets sent.