Defender Endpoint for Relayer Estimated Gas Price

Our usage of Defender Relay involves moving tokens on behalf of our users. When we do so, we also take a small fee, denominated in the token being moved, to compensate ourselves for the gas cost. The user must sign a message agreeing to the fee for the relay to take place.

Because of this, we need to estimate roughly what we think the gas fee will be before asking the user to agree to our fee. We currently do this by consulting outside API's to get an estimated gas fee.

Presumably, OZ Defender must have internal code to estimate the gas fee needed for each relay speed (fast, fastest, etc...) for a given network. It would be very helpfulto have this exposed as an endpoint which we could query. In addition to simplifying the process for us, it would be more accurate, since Defender will ultimately use its own algorithm to determine the gas price.

I imagine this kind of workflow is fairly common, so I think this could be generally helpful for other users of Defender Relay.