Dapp to exchange instagram likes

Hi Devs, I would like to write a smart contract to make a Dapp to exchange tokens for instagram likes,

for example 40 likes I get 10 tokens, so I could buy tokens to exchange likes.

Is it possible to develop something for this purpose?

*If possible, I would like to see some examples or study materials.

Thanks for helps.

That would require extracting data from Instagram and feeding it via an oracle to smart contracts on chain. The challenge is likes can be easily unclicked and the quality of such data is hard to be guaranteed. Token-based incentives can be put into place as a quality guard.

Hi, thanks for your reply!

Well placed your position on unchecking likes, what if I did for youtube views?

What would this oracle be to extract data?

I am not aware of such an oracle, and if you are, please share with the community.