Creating upgradeable smart contracts using contract factory

Hey, thanks a lot @paulinablaszk for helping out here!! :slight_smile:


Hi @spalladino

Quick question: Is there a reason why most contracts in zos-lib only support solidity version 0.4.24?

And also, thank you for all the great work with zeppelinos! :slight_smile:

Hey @imbenwolf, thanks for asking! Mind opening a new topic so other community members with the same question can easily find it?

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Hi @martriay

Here is the link to the new topic: Zos-lib solidity version 0.4.24

Let me know if I should create a feature request on Github aswell.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Apparently thereโ€™s no need since it will be released by end of month, but for in the future you could create a feature (or pull :wink:) request, definitely.