Creating ERC20 Token + Governor

Hi there!

I would like to launch an ERC20 token for my freelance marketplace. Let's say it's called 'MOXC'. The goal is to create a token with 25,000,000 tokens total. I also want to have a governance mechanism for proposals. Proposals will be for changes made to the site, additions to the protocol, and basically voting on how the site operates. I want to make it so users who own the MOXC ERC20 token can vote on the proposals.

What is the standard procedure for creating this? I discovered the TokenWizard and will most likely be using it to create the ERC20 token. Do I need to implement the Governor at the same time I launch the ERC20 (additional code needs to be added to the ERC20 contract?) or can I launch the ERC20 token AND THEN launch governor later on?

Thank you so much for the help, I am researching as much as possible right now.

Yes you can definitely do this!

When you launch the Governor you can then input the address of your governance token.

But it's important to include "Votes" in your ERC20 for this to work.