Contract for employees to claim 1x per month their salary

Guys, I need a contract where I will deposit a certain amount of tokens, and that I can define a stipulated value in USDT for the wallets of collaborators to claim their salary 1x per month in tokens.


  1. Wallet 0x...0001 (COULD CLAIN $50.00 in TOKEN XXX)

Someone saw something like this, or knows that is that possible to make one.

Contract PaymentSplitter (by OpenZeppelin itself) might be useful here.

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I'm not familiar with any existing contracts like that, but it sounds like a really interesting idea! I suggest you explore some smart contract templates online and see if any of them could be adapted to suit your specific needs. You could also try reaching out to blockchain developers or consultants who might be able to create a custom contract for you. In terms of pay stubs, you may need to provide them manually to your collaborators for now, but with the right smart contract, you might be able to automate the process in the future.