Content Security Policy omissions? Seems to be blocking Coinbase Wallet

I'm trying to use OpenZeppelin Defender to add a proposal while I'm connected to my Coinbase Wallet (via the Chrome Coinbase Wallet extension.) I can't complete the proposal and when I looked with Chrome Developer Tools I see that some scripts are being blocked by the site's Content Security Policy. These are:


I double checked and sure enough, these are not in the CSP. The errors I'm seeing are odd, but I'm guessing they tie back to this:

  • I sometimes can't add my multi-sig wallet for execution strategy (it says "Address does not correspond to a supported multisig" when I try to do it, but my colleague can use it no problem with a metamask wallet connected.)
  • Blank transaction validation errors
  • Sometimes can't load ABI

The only consistent error is that I can't submit proposals. The others happen randomly, about half the time. None of them happen for my colleague using metamask on the same contract.

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