Commission on gas value

Hello everybody, I would like to ask how can I charge a commission based on the gas value of a transaction in a smart contract.

For instance, if the transaction has a gas fee of 0.05 ether, commission will be 10%, so the total value (gas + commission) would be 0.055.

I was thinking that would be something similar to the below code (a similar code to the below one works fine for commission on token value):

  function transfer(address _to, uint256 gas) public returns (bool success) {
     if (balances[msg.sender] >= gas+gas/100 && gas+gas/100 > 0) {
           balances[msg.sender] -= gas+gas/100;
           balances[00x] += gas/100;
           emit Transfer(msg.sender, 00x, gas/100);
       return true;
   } else { return false; }

Is that possible to do so?

So how do you define the value of the gas, I think the parameter gas is not equal to the actual gas fee, if I send this transaction with the gas 200 gWei, but I just pass the value gas as 101, so maybe the parameter gas is not what you want.