Checking if all elements of array are contained on an EnumerableMap

Is there an efficient way of checking if all elements of a particular array are contained on an EnumerableSet?

    mapping(address => EnumerableSet.AddressSet) allowances;

    function createInvite(address[] memory invitees, uint256 date, string memory description) public {

        for (uint i; i < invitees.length; i++) {
                 if(!EnumerableSet.contains(allowances[invitees[i]], msg.sender)) {
                     revert("Invitee did not approve");

Code is a little bit cleaner but I put it all together just for the example.

I have a mapping that has addresses as the key and an EnumerableSet (addressSet) as value that contains all the addresses that it approved. Now, when someone wants to create an invite to multiple addresses I need to check that all addresses have approved for invites.

Is there a way to avoid an unbounded for loop like this?