Casting and variable types

let's say I have a function that takes two string arrays as input. the first one we call _argumentNames and the second is _argumentValues. Now _argumentNames contains different data types in string format like ["uint256", "address"] and _argumentValues contains these values in string format ["10", "0x0"] Now how can I cast each value to each data type so that I have a uint 10 instead of a string "10".
Thanks in advance

Solidity is a strongly-typed language, which means that all type-information must be resolved during compilation (in other words, you cannot determine the type of a variable during runtime).

You might get better help if you describe your actual purpose here, and not just this non-feasible technical requirement, as there is likely a feasible way to achieve that purpose.

well thanks for the answer I suppose that this has mostly answered my question with a no. There is not really a deeper purpose of it, I was just interested if the is a way to convert a input that is given as a string to its corresponding actual data value. so a "10" string to a 10 int if given the datatype int with it.

You can cast your string to whatever datatype it is. So yes it is possible. However it’s going to be cumbersome to work with if you don’t know datatype in advance.