Can't add liquidity on PancakeSwap with burnable ERC20 token

To fix it is just set address(this), instead owner(), in addLiquidity function?

now I’m using the router, i think that`s the correct, but still i can’t put the liquidity

I did as @celty mentioned, I put setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled = false.

Try transferring some of the supply to the contract first? This is a step I do before adding liquidity.

Tried that there, having the same issue :man_shrugging:

The address shoul have " " or not?

@Tsushima_Yoshiko I did a test of this on the live chain and it works fine. Must be an issue with TestNet or how I’m calling/approving the sell method. Thanks so much for all your help mate!

I am going to try, I hope it works

I am having the same problem. I can successfully complete the process above, I receive my LP tokens however the pool is not created on testnet.