Can you revise contracts deployed on mainnet?

Hi there.
I have already deployed smart contracts on mainnet. and also implemented erc721 and some functions like Auctions and some logical things. It is on service now.
Unfortunately even though erc721 i implemented, but in etherscan and other open market can not acknowledge erc721 token. Maybe I adopted erc721 draft smart contract, so not enogh Transfer event indexed and missing some erc721meta and erc721emmurable.
So I want to revise smart contract and redeploy. but storage and contract addresses are changed.
Is there any best way or idea to solve my problem?
I am looking forward to hearing any ideas or ways.

thanks in advance

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Hi @1112,

Welcome to the community :wave:

Contracts are immutable, unless you created an upgradeable contract.

Your options appear to be:

  • Create a completely new token and migrate the data (such as minting tokens for existing holders).
  • Create a new token that wraps the existing token providing the required functionality.

I would recommend testing any option on a public testnet to ensure that you have the required functionality with the third party services such as Etherscan and market places.

Thank you for your advice.

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