Can I modify token and parameters after deployment?

If I am able to create basic contract, that is, added the supply, token name etc without adding other parameters like burnable, mintable etc, can I modify the token and add this parameters later then redeploy? So, assuming I have created a basic bep20 token and deployed it, then I want to add some deflationary properties later e.g. a tax structure, auto-liquidity like in the case of safemoon, is this possible after I have already deployed the token?

By default, a contract that has been deployed can’t be modified. You can do it by deploying with upgradeability. Take a look at our list of resources.

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Thank you very much, for the tip and for your effort in responding. I am new here and I don’t anything about coding but want to create a cryptocurrency, one that have RFI properties like safemoon but with a little customization, where buys aren’t taxed but only sells are. Do you think there is a template that I can find from openzepeppelin that has something like that or if I was to use a fork on safemoon, do you think I can edit that or customize it so that only sells are taxed instead of all transactions?

OpenZeppelin does not have anything related to SafeMoon, and I’m not familiar with it either. But these questions likely already have answers so please search the forum.