Burn and Redistribution on new way

Hey Guys.
I am new to the world op Solidity development and i have an idea for which i wanted to hear a feedback.

So, everybody knows those SafeMoon forks with all the typical tokenomics.
I would like to create a similar token, but the calculations and the way of reflecting tokens to holders should be slightly different:
Gernerally, i think a big problem of too much volatility is the liquidity. So i would like to give 9% tax to the liquidity pool.
1% should go to a wallet for promoting, marketing, management and so on.

and here is the point:
I dont want to punish sellers to reward holders. Instead of this, I would like to take 10% of the value not from the seller but from the circulating supply and give them back to holders. Instead of burning tokens of the circulating supply.
So in summary:

  • 1% Management Wallet (i can figure out so far)
  • 9% LP (i can figure out so far)
    → 10% not as Tax, but from the circulating supply (10% value of the amount of the sellers transaction) to reflect rewards.

Is there a simple way to create a rewarding function like the above mentioned?
I tried to figure this out from already avaliable threads, but i found nothing so far.

I am looking forward for contructive answers :slight_smile: