Best Route to add an function that uses Ownable?

Howdy All,
I was hoping someone could tell me the easiest, most cost efficient way to achieve this goal;

I want a property on my NFT to be a claimable status, because it's linked to a tangible object, so I feel as though the NFT should reflect this. Then when an NFT owner decides to he can claim the item but I didn't want to consume the token. Just mark it as claimed so he doesn't resell it stating it isn't. I could just put a check on my site, but that still leaves users exposed.

I'm assuming I need to inherit the ownable module and create the function (UpdateClaimStatus) to update the metadata property. I was hoping I could just fork the creatures template and add in the call. Then I could import it into OpenSea and then mint my tokens in their system. However, I've coded a while so doubt I'm that lucky.

Am I correct in what I think I need to do and is there a simple fix for this? Like could I generate my contract with manifold and register it, then use their set admin function to set my wallet address but import that into OpenSea for the minting part? I'm not afraid to learn some code, but I'd like to go about this the smart and simple way before I get lost down the rabbit hole learning more code when I'm supposed to focused on other tasks at hand. I'm also afraid that I'm confusing roles with-in the minter vs functions I could call with-in the token.

For example I was thinking that after I did the wallet connect for the NFT check, after the shipping info is acquired I could then call the claimStatusUpdate function on the token to reset that, but can I do that or do I have to do that with a wallet interaction? Like they click submit and that prompts the user to accept? I may also be creating way more work than is needed at all and not worry about it to begin with.

Thanks in advance for any info pointing me in the right direction