Avalanche Fuji relayer submitting txns with more gas price

Avalanche Fuji relayer is submitting txn with more gas price 225 nAVAX with safeLow speed even though the gas price is 25 nAVAX. I tried doing txn with metamask, it submitted with 25 nAVAX where as with defender relayer it took 225 nAVAX. sharing the screenshot below.

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Hey @kbhargav5, can you share the transaction hash? I'd like to check if this was caused by successive retries of the same transaction, which bumped its gas price up to 225, or it was a temporary spike in Fuji's gas prices. Thanks!

check this transaction. https://testnet.snowtrace.io/tx/0x81e99099e71722e8f4d8109073a19cdf8aa6c79cc1b098bf54618c4660ee1333
All txns are going with 225 nAVAX

@spalladino check this

Hey @kbhargav5, you're correct. Avalanche introduced dynamic fees a few months back, but Defender is still using the static pricing of 225 nAVAX from the previous version. We'll make the change to use the price advertised by the network, and later switch to 1559-like pricing.

Thanks. Is defender using static pricing in mainnet as well? If so, please change it soon as we will be launching our app on mainnet in a week

@kbhargav5 yes, we're fixing this for both the main and test Avalanche C-Chain networks. You should see the change in a few hours from now.

thanks, looks fine now