Autotasks transaction with speed: safeLow taking long time in bsc though gas fee is 5 gwei

I am running autotasks with speed: safeLow. they are taking long time in bsc though gas fee is 5 gwei for safeLow. In general, the transactions in bsc with 5 gwei gas price when executed manually are fast compared to those in defender. Is defender infra submitting the transactions late for slower speeds ?

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@spalladino can you please check this, excess gas is getting consumed because of this for autotask transactions

Hey @kbhargav5, Defender Relayers submit all txs immediately as they receive them (as of today, we may change this in the future). Speed affects two things: the gas price with which they are submitted, and the frequency at which they are resubmitted with increased gas price if they don't get mined soon enough.

I can take a look at your Relayer if you want to see if there's anything off if you share the ID or address, but I can tell you that we've seen erratic behaviour from BSC endpoints in the last few days which could be causing this. We are doing changes to our Relayer infrastructure to be more resilient to failing endpoints, but those are still under development.