Automatic LP Creation

I forked and deployed a contract based on Safemoon.
I’d like to ask the community to help me understand how the Liquidity Pair of WBNB/NewToken gets triggered.

Is it done automatically once contract is deployed?
If yes, how and where can I verify it?
If not, Do I have to first manually add liquidity on PancakeSwap? And how and/where can I verify it afterwards?

Lastly, is there a set number of tokens that will need to be added to the liquidity pool in order to trigger the LP % for every transaction?

This is the contract deployed and verified:

When connecting to PancakeSwap from the same address that created the token I get this message

@Yoshiko I kindly ask you to share your thoughts and expertise on the matter whenever you have a second - I’ve just entered this new field not long ago

@abcoathup could you provide me w/ some insight?