Automatic import of smartcontract via API into admin pannel of open zeppelin defender?

I know that i can interact with already imported smartcontracts inside open zeppelin deffender via API calls
BUT what about doing all things via API including importing new smartcotnract into admin pannel to be visible via UI ?

Hi @Barnaba_Pawelczak

I've responded via the defender-support email, however, for visibility for other users, I will respond here too :slight_smile:

You can use the defender-admin-client NPM package to add contracts into Defender.

If you create a proposal for a contract that is not in Defender, it will automatically import this contract with an empty ABI. However, you can control these values by providing the ABI as part of the Contract object.

You can find more information in our documentation here.

Hope that helps!

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In addition, here is an example guide for using defender-admin-client to auto-import contracts created by a factory.

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