Automatic Burn Amount of Token

hi everyone
how can implement function to automatic burn specific amount in specific date

Off-Chain but there might be a solution.
Let's say the blockstamp right now is 10. And you want to burn tokens at block 50.
So If your token is traded a lot you can use the transfer function. So you check if the block rn is higher or equal to the date you set then it burns x amount of tokens (all in the transfer function). This would increase gas cost but it would work if you don't want to it off-Chain.

so after all I must run a function to do this
it can be an automatic run?
is this true?

you would need a function that a lot of people are using. and when its time the user automaticlly does it

do you have any source?
for automatic burn

No, it was just a thought of mine.
If you do it on-Chain it's not really automatic. On transfer you just check if block.timestamp is greater than the time you set and if this is true, you trigger a burn.

i understand
thanks for help