Are OZ contracts safe to deploy on zksync?

Hi Team.

Our contracts highly depend on the OZ's contracts. We would like to deploy our contracts to zksync, but since our contracts depend on OZ, I would love to know if there's anything(coming from OZ) that wouldn't work on zksync ?

contract OurContract is OZContract {


It could be that inside OZContract, there might be something special that incorrectly works on zksync, so would love to hear the opinions.

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We do not (yet) have any specific tests to very compatibility with other chains. This is something we planned but that proved difficult because the error format returned by different L2 nodes are sometimes very different.

I would expect our contracts to work with all EVM chains (as long as the opcodes produced by the compiler settings are supported by the targeted chain). My suggestion would be to run your contract on testnet to verify the critical parts.

One thing that can be problematic wioth some L2 is the unpredicatble time between blocks: any plan on governance should probably rely on timestamps.

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