Are ERC777 tokens safe to deploy to the mainnet?

I recently came across the ERC777 standard and I saw its huge potential. However I also have noticed that several dapps like Uniswap and dForce are vulnerable to re-entracy attacks because they weren’t designed for ERC777 tokens. So my question is:

Is it already safe to deploy ERC777 tokens to the mainnet? If not do we have to wait for a new standard to came out or for the dapps to become familiar with this vulnerability?

Best Janik :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, welcome! :wave:

Emmm, you can find more details about this EIP at here: EIP-777: Token Standard ( and the state of this EIP is final, so I think it is ok. But your know, even this token is safe, when you integrate this token into other protocols, there will be an unexpected result, so when you use it, have more test to use.

Some people argue that ERC777 is bad practice. I don't have a strong opinion but I would agree it seems over-engineered.

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