Any way to revert setMaxTxPercent to original?

deployed a token using cointool.

Wanted to change the maxTxAmount - tried to do it from bscscan (write contract) instead of through cointool admin.

I mistakenly thought ‘setMaxTxPercent’ in the ‘write contract’ tab was the same function - as _maxTxAmount in ‘read contract’, so I put it as what would be 5 trillion.

Obviously it stuffed up and affected my ‘selltokenstoaddtoliquidity’ amount as well.

Is there any way to know what the “setMaxTxPercent” was originally so i can revert it back to normal and fix my contract?

This needs more context.

This is not a cointool support forum, we don’t know what that is. maxTxAmount, setMaxTxPercent, selltokenstoaddtoliquiditiy… these don’t mean anything unless you give context on what you’re talking about.