Any possible risk/flaw/exploit on this 721A contract?

I found this contract to be a very good use case for me as I need to create a few NFT collections
Ccontract source code here
Base ERC721A contract dev blog post here

It implements ERC721A which is the main reason I choose it. The final contract also has very handy methods for managing the collections the way I need.

I only worry about 2 things:

  1. my client or their users getting their tokens/eth stolen(including possible gas attack)
  2. an exploit where some users could figure out which tokens are the best ones and never buy the regular ones

The base contract was somewhat audited according to the team that developed it
So I'm trusting they did a good job there, also they have an extensive list of projects using their base contract here, this also makes me more confident all is well

Of course it gets complex when someone get your base work and build on top of it, which is where I'll focus my tests and investigation the most. They (the final contract dev) seem to also have done a good job and also seem to have implemented 721A well.

I'm happy with it so far but I just cannot assume I covered everything, thats why I'm coming here to check if someone spot some potential risk with using it