Allow queuing a failing transaction


Whenever you try to submit a transaction that would fail, Defender will disallow the action with a
warning. This is good for most use cases but could be improved for some edge cases.


There are some use cases where it might be good to queue a failing transaction as long as the operator agrees to do it. For example when you need to queue two actions where the first execution will make the second transaction to be valid. This way you save time by queuing the two actions together instead of submitting the second after the first one was mined.


Maybe something similar to Gnosis Safe, the UI will issue the warning that the transaction you are about to queue might fail but will let you override.


Thanks for the feedback, Ari! Just to confirm: this wouldn't be necessary for your use case if we implemented batch actions, right?

Santi, I was about to post about batching on a different thread as a new feature. That would definitively solve my use case!