Allow creating proposals to be executed by another EOA

Currently, it seems that when I open a proposal and set an EOA to execute it, I can only set an EOA that I own. It would be nice to enable setting any EOA. Any reason this hasn't been implemented?

Hi @kargakis

The final step of the proposal will require the executor to sign and submit the transaction, therefore, the EOA is automatically set to whichever address you are connected with. I'm curious though, is there a particular use case you had in mind where you'd want to set an EOA you do not own as the executor of a proposal?

Yes, there are a couple of cases where this is desirable:

  • Have a CI job to initiate proposals without having the need to store the private key anywhere accessible to the job
  • It may sound daft but sometimes people are very busy so it is easier to have the proposal ready for them to sign, than requiring them to create it on their own and sign.

Let me forward this to the team and get back to you!

Hi @kargakis

You should be able to have the CI job initiate a proposal using the via param (and viaType of "EOA") in createProposal - see:

We've also created a work item to expose similar functionality in the UI (enabling the user to define a wallet to execute the proposal).

Please let us know if you have any questions and thanks for the feedback!

Dan McKeon

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Hey @kargakis, we just released a new Defender version that includes the option to add a proposal to be executed by any EOA. Now you can create a proposal for an account you don't control, so you can prepare a proposal and have it ready for anyone else to sign it.

On the UI we're defaulting to the connected address but you can select any other one.

Please let us know if you have more comments about this!

@ernestognw I used this today, looks good on my side! Thanks!

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