Add ERC20 permit() function

Discussion for adding permit to ERC20:

Some devs are working on permit() implementation for wETH based on @albertocuestacanada work from OZ reference. Would be fantastic to get extra eyes and think through pushing a std. permit() reference in OZ library. :golfing_man::pray: Onward to crush gas costs!

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Hi @Ro5s,

It would be great to have a standard permit for ERC-20.

EIP-3009 is also a possibility to consider:

We want to provide permit in OZ Contracts, but the EIP remains in Draft status and we have a policy of not publishing Drafts because they could need breaking changes in the future.

Do you know if anyone is working on moving the EIP to Final?

Edit: ERC20Permit is now a part of OpenZeppelin Contract.

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