Accidentally ran reset on truffle migrate for upgradeable contracts

I’m using openzeppelin truffle upgrade plugin and I accidentally ran npx truffle migrate --network mainnet --reset --compile-all . Can’t seem to interact with my contract or upgrade it now. How screwed am I?

Hey, cause you set the flag --reset when run the truffle commands, so I think you will deploy new contracts according to the scripts in the migrations, so this will not broke the the previous environment.

And you can also look at the doc to find more about these flags in the truffle docs: Truffle | Truffle Commands

Right but how do I get back to the original contract? I released a token and now I can’t upgrade it? I want to use the OLD migration. Is the old migration just gone?

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Hi @kaczordon,

As @Skyge said, this shouldn’t have impacted your original contract, though it will have likely updated your Truffle artifacts.

You should still be able to interact with your contract using the address of the proxy and the ABI of your implementation contract.

To see how OpenZeppelin Upgrade Plugins stores information about your contracts see the documentation: