AccessManager data param for scheduling operations

What is supposed to be packed inside data parameter passed to schedule(...) and other functions in AccessManager? Is it just a calldata?

Yes, the manager includes a schedule and execute workflow for any operation requiring a delay. The functions that require a delay are listed in the manager's NatSpec. For these cases, the schedule function will use the data argument for 2 purposes:

  1. Extract the function selector (first 4 bytes) and validate that the msg.sender is allowed to call that function.
  2. Create an operationId that uniquely identifies the scheduled operation. This way the scheduled date can be retrieved from storage.

Using the execute function doesn't necessarily require a delay if the msg.sender has enough permissions to call immediately, but it works as a relay function, so the manager can make arbitrary calls to other contracts. This data argument is the data relayed by the manager to target

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